Writing Wednesday: Top Ten Signs a Piece of Fiction is Written By Me

I saw this post by PubCrawl writer S. Jae-Jones, and even though the meme itself is a few years old (and from LiveJournal to boot!) I thought it was so fun and interesting I decided to think about it in terms of my own writing. I generally try not to repeat myself, but thinking it over, there are of course telltale signs. Here are 10 of them:

Top Ten Signs a Piece of Fiction Was Written By Me

1. A distinctive, stylized, sometimes unwieldy prose style

2. A sense of humor that vacillates between conceptual and wacky

3. Relationships hampered by lack of communication, often deliberate


5. Hyper-stylized, rapid-fire dialogue and banter

6. Protagonists who are outwardly detached or disaffected, but secretly harbor an intense, obsessive, often unhealthy or uneven love (not necessarily romantic)

7. Allusions, cross-references, and trivia

8. Modern re-imaginings of genre fiction tropes (ranging from comics to movies)

9. Explosive, protracted, emotionally heightened climaxes followed by shorter, understated closing chapters.

10. Women saving men.

I was going to go into more detail, but I’ve got to study for finals, heh. And honestly, most of these are pretty self-explanatory. That was fun, though! Almost like a writing exercise in itself.

Are there any giveaway characteristics or tropes that you find constantly pop up in your work? If so, let me know in the comments!

Love, Caution,



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