Runway Fashion: Fall/Winter 2016

I’m not going to fool anyone into thinking I’m an authority on the subject of fashion, but I do like it. I follow Vogue on Facebook, and not just for the occasional hilarious headlines like “What Edward Snowden’s girlfriend should wear on the run.” I’ve found designers that I liked for a while now, but since I got an Instagram not too long ago, this was actually the first time I followed Fashion Weeks in “real time”. It’s been fun! With the exception of Miu Miu promoting all denim. The ’90s were objectively terrible times for fashion, goddammit.

Um, anyway.

Paris Fashion Week just ended. Here are a few of the collections I liked for the Fall/Winter 2016 season. If you’re someone who regularly follows fashion blogs, I’ll tell you right now you won’t get anything insightful from this blog post, but I had fun scrolling through slideshows and I had fun compiling this post, and maybe you’ll have fun reading it!

New York: Bibhu Mohapatra 

Bibhu Mohapatra RTW Fall 2016 Bibhu Mohapatra RTW Fall 2016

Bibhu Mohapatra RTW Fall 2016 Bibhu Mohapatra RTW Fall 2016

Indian-American designer Mohapatra is often inspired by historical figures. This collection was inspired by Empress Dowager Cixi, concubine-turned-queen mother who ruled China at the end of the Qing Dynasty. Cixi is a highly controversial figure, but she’s also a fascinating one–it’s certainly remarkable that a woman could wield tremendous power in such a patriarchal society. I really love how this collection nods to China with its dragonfly motif and brilliant reds, but isn’t flagrantly Orientalist. Instead of being rooted in Western fantasies of Asia, the heart of this collection is feminine power–and not the overly sexualized, dominatrix kind (don’t get me wrong, dominatrixes are awesome, but it’s nice to be reminded that sexual power isn’t the only kind of power a woman can have).

London: Alexander McQueen

kim_0656 kim_0014kim_0785 kim_0766

An obvious choice, and for good reason. Sarah Burton’s enchanting, dream-like collection is a vision and what’s more, it’s pure McQueen.

Milan: Dolce & Gabbana

dol0063 dol1229

dol0109 dol0129

Another obvious choice, and how! After paying homage to their Sicilian heritage and Italian opera to such gorgeous effect at La Scala Milan, D&G surprised with a whimsical fairy-tale inspired collection (very timely, what with Lily James’ Cinderella!) It’s cutesy, not at all subtle, and absolutely magical, just like a good Disney Princess movie should be.

Paris: Chloé 

kim_0793 kim_0869

kim_0913 kim_1023

Wrapping up this post with a less obvious collection, another one inspired by a fascinating woman. Vogue reports that Claire Waight Keller based her super-hip looks on Anne-France Dautheville, a “fabulous-looking Frenchwoman who traveled across Europe and through the Middle East on a motorbike in the 1970s.” The ’70s biker influences mixed with modern-day festival girl style are rad! Vogue‘s write-up ends with this sweet note:

“Dautheville is in her 70s now. If Waight Keller and co. know what they’re doing, they’ll publish an English edition of her book and take it on the road. We can see a Chloé biker-girl gang causing a real stir at Coachella or Glastonbury. If it happens, we’d sign up to tag along.”

 That’s a wrap! I’m still pretty new to “high fashion”–I don’t even know when the Spring/Summer shows start–but I’m eager to learn. Clothes are cool.

Love, Caution,


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