Life Update

Life Update: 2/29 – 3/6

It’s the beginning of the end for Winter Quarter. I turned in the first of my last papers, on the “Woman Question” for Victorian Lit. This weekend was spent assembling my final packet along with a prose essay on technique for my workshop class, as well as my final papers for Children’s Lit and Intro to Lit.

Writing will take a backseat these next few weeks, though on the plus side, Her Campus at UCD is one of the 64 top chapters and competing in HC’s March Madness bracket! Also, I somehow was nominated for UC Davis’s Community Service and Civic Achievement Award, presumably for my volunteering with CARE. So yeah. Not too shabby.


Wrapped up Romanticism and transitioned to Victorian poetry in Intro to Lit, with Percy Bysshe Shelley (“Ozymandias”, “Ode to the West Wind”, “Mont Blanc”), John Keats (“This Living Hand”, “Ode on a Grecian Urn”), and Alfred, Lord Tennyson (“The Kraken”). Read the wonderful ESPERANZA RISING for Children’s Lit, and THE SIGN OF THE FOUR, one of the Sherlock Holmes novels, for Victorian Lit. Poetry workshop presentations on the fantastic “Snake” by D.H. Lawrence and “How Happy is the Little Stone” by Emily Dickinson.


I really like The Awakening by Kate Chopin, so I picked up THE STORM AND OTHER STORIES. I enjoyed it! There are the deservedly well-known stories, like “Desiree’s Baby”, “The Story of an Hour”, “A Respectable Woman”, and of course, “The Storm”, but also more than 30 other stories. It’s interesting to see just how broadly her themes–love, desire, New Orleans society, feminist consciousness–stretch across her body of work.

Lots of great singletons for music:”St. Justice” by Albert Hammond Jr., “Birds Don’t Sing” by TV Girl, “Oh, to be a Defector” by Chorusgirl, and “Nice Try” by I Am Arrows. I also listened to some Emilie Autumn–I was never a huge fan, because I’m not into industrial or metal, but I like her classical-inspired lyrics and songs and this time around I really got into the electric violin. I re-listened to “Opheliac” and “Lace/Unlaced”, and had two of her acoustic songs, “Gentlemen Aren’t Nice” and “In the Lake”, on repeat.

Shorter life update than recent weeks, but I’ve procrastinated on these papers long enough, heh. Love, Caution,



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