Red Carpet Fashion: 2016 Oscars

So yesterday was the big one, and what a one it was. Chris Rock hosts amidst #OscarsSoWhite! Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins an Academy Award! Alejandro Inarritu wins twice in a row, but Spotlight upsets The Revenant for Best Picture! Mad Max sweeps with 6 Oscars! Lady Gaga’s performance brought much-needed attention to campus sexual assault (with 50 real-life college students and rape survivors–male and female!) but “Til It Happens to You” lost to Sam Smith! Ex Machina was a fantastic movie but how did it beat Fury Road and The Force Awakens for Visual Effects? And my favorite moment, as a proud former Girl Scout:

Wrapping up awards season with my favorite looks of last night, and a little bonus at the end. Enjoy, and let’s hope #OscarsSoWhite isn’t relevant next year too. But let’s be real, it probably will be.

Alicia Vikanderalicia-vikander-oscars-red-carpet-2016

Daisy Ridley


Priyanka Chopra


Chrissy Teigen (and John Legend)


Lady Gaga



Charlize Theron


Isla Fisher


Annnnnd that concludes red carpet season! I didn’t watch the Oscars–I don’t have a TV in my apartment and I haven’t actually watched for the past few years, which is why it felt disingenuous to say I was supporting the boycott–but wow, what a night. Also, I’m not especially interested in men’s fashion for award shows (Michael B. Jordan tho–he can have my cookies any time), but Asian actors need way more love and East Asian men, in particular, are grossly under appreciated. So here’s a very nice picture of Lee Byung-hun.


Love, Caution,



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