Red Carpet Fashion: 2016 Grammy Awards

I’ve never actually watched the Grammys, but their red carpet is fun because music tends to be wilder, wackier, more risk-taking than Oscars or Golden Globes fashion. I didn’t love 2016’s looks, though. I felt like there were either interesting risks that appealed to me more in theory than in actual execution (I appreciate the sentiment, and I like that she’s gone back to her Mother Monster self for her home territory after some admittedly flawless Old Hollywood Golden Globe stylings, but Lady Gaga ala Aladdin Sane was just trying a little too hard to be like Bowie) or basic black (I feel like I should love Bella Hadid’s dress but it didn’t really stand out to me). Still, I can’t leave out the Grammys when the SAG Awards got a post. Here are a few looks that stood out to me from Monday’s awards.

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez


I actually wasn’t all that wild about either of their ensembles when I first saw them, but I have to say, after seeing them as a pair they really grew on me. Which kind of fits with Taylor Swift’s whole #squad message, now that I think of it.

Chrissy Teigen (and John Legend)


No surprise her. I always love Chrissy Teigen’s style and they always look fantastic together (on another note: I just learned she was hapa? HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS???) I love, love, love caped dresses and wow, look at that white! Those crystals! I also like it when the guys add a little pizazz too. John Legend’s bee print jacket is funky and unexpected without overdoing it.

Bonnie Raitt


I’ve never actually heard of Raitt but wow, does she look badass! I’m partial to redheads and I love Rogue-ish single white streaks (I recently found a silver hair myself, and the roommate introduced me to Stacy London cuz she’s the best.) The subtly bedazzled black leather jacket is very cool too!

Nicole Trunfio 


And here we get to my favorite look of the night. I actually had a hard time finding who this was because at first, the early slideshows either didn’t have include Trunfio or didn’t have her name! This is just so Grammys. It’s all the excesses of the ’70s and glam desert rock and disco Stevie Nicks. I love it. And she looks gorgeous too.

That’s a wrap! Like I said, I didn’t have a whole lot of favorites, and I’m kind of over Fashion Police-type snark so I just decided to keep it short and sweet. Red carpet season is coming to a close. Just two weeks left for the big one, The Oscars…

Love, Caution,



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