I finished my second draft.

Last night, I finished the second draft of my main WIP.

Incidentally, this is actually my first completed second draft (I don’t count the numerous changes my very first “novel”, which started as a planned 9-book vampire series–yes, 9 book vampire series–that I first wrote in middle school went through).

I still have a long way to go. I’ll definitely need at least two more rounds of revision–one major, and then additional revision/polishing rounds. The good news is I’m still on track for my 2016 writing plan — finish the second draft by the end of winter quarter (in fact, I’m a few weeks early), and then additional rounds by end of summer. I probably won’t return to my WIP until spring quarter. Until then, I plan to step up my revisions, being much more calculated about my plan of attack and recalibrating the plot as needed. And I think I’ve succeeded in finding a critique partner, so that certainly will come in handy.

Oh, my WIP. I haven’t really talked about it on this blog thus far. That is certainly something I plan to change. Can’t give away too much right now, but the title is IDENTITY CRISIS, and it’s an upper-MG about teenage superheroes. Teenage superheroes and the Internet. It’s the first in a series that I’m tentatively calling THE MILLENNIALS TRILOGY, which was a placeholder title at first but goddammit, I actually kinda like it. I do have a Pinterest board for it, though a lot of it is still subject to change.

I really love this project. I think it’s the most excited I’ve been about anything I’ve ever done. And it’s funny, because this whole weekend, even though I actually completed everything major I had to do as far as school/work, I was kicking myself a bit for not making better use of my time with my hobbies vs. slacking off on my phone.

I take it back. This was a productive weekend.

Love, Caution,



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