ARC Review: Outrun the Moon (with pics!)

One of my favorite articles I’ve ever done for Her Campus at UCD was this profile of Stacey Lee, YA author and fellow Aggie (and Chinese-American writer!) I was ecstatic to receive an ARC of her upcoming book, OUTRUN THE MOON, for review on the site. This was my first ever ARC review, and given the potential for bias, I was a little nervous, but I actually genuinely really enjoyed it and would highly recommend.

This is my first ARC (advanced reader copy), so I wanted to share some pictures, because this was just so cool. Isn’t this pretty?


That stamp on the cover is one of a few indications distinguishing this ARC from an “official” published copy. If you’re not familiar with ARCs, they’re the first stage of the printing process, so they often haven’t undergone the final rounds of proofreading and typesetting, but they’re given out by publishers to book bloggers, critics etc. in exchange for honest reviews. This helps generate publicity and spread word-of-mouth.



!!! I didn’t notice a lot of typos, and the book is set for a May release so I don’t imagine the version I read would be substantially different from the final copy. But I want to share one last thing:


Just thought this was super charming and wry, which totally fit the author. As a fellow Chinese-American with supportive, but practical-minded, parents, I found this very sweet.

I had such a good time reviewing her book that I think I might start doing more book reviews for LOVE, CAUTION. I’m reading Stacey Lee’s debut, UNDER A PAINTED SKY, right now, and I’ll be sure to do a writeup on my thoughts when I’m done!

Check out my review here, and definitely pre-order the book or pick it up when it releases May 24!


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