Life Update

Life Update: 1/25 – 1/31

This week started off strong when on Monday, I received my first ever ARC! Following my Her Campus profile of YA author and UCD law school alum Stacey Lee, I requested a copy of her upcoming book, OUTRUN THE MOON, to review for the site. I finished the book last night and wow, it was good. The review will be up soon, along with pictures (seriously, this is just so cool!!) but suffice to say, it was a pretty strong way to bookend a pretty strong week.


(Blurry iPhone picture but seriously, look how pretty!)

Lots of positive reinforcement at school, which was gratifying. To start with, I was included on the Dean’s Honors List for my 4.0 fall quarter–it made my mother’s day, and honestly that alone was pretty fantastic. After struggling to write a paper on Thomas Carlyle for Victorian Lit, I ran into my professor outside of class and she mentioned she “very much liked” it, and when I said I had been nervous about it, she said “no reason to be.” So yeah, that felt good. I was stunned by the positive feedback for my first poetry workshop critique (see the poem here!) And on top of that, my favorite professor (Children’s Lit/Intro to Lit for fall quarter) agreed to consult with me for my Creative Thesis proposal. I finished working on the draft yesterday, fingers crossed!

Oh, and I had a glorious weekend reading books. And watching movies. And yesterday, I had lunch with the roommate–black pepper vegetable udon, per ongoing pescatarian diet–before another work session at Panera, and for dinner she made us pizza! And Pottermore had many exciting developments (I’m officially a Ravenclaw!). And despite caving in and buying red velvet Oreos, I’m at my healthiest-ever body weight. And I finished the apartment 30 Day Drawing Challenge, which was cool. And I made revision progress.


Life is pretty good.


Read Alexander Pope (“An Essay on Criticism” and “An Essay on Man”) and Samuel Johnson (“A History of Virtue” and “Rasselas”) for Intro to Lit. Nothing terribly exciting there, but we did have a rare college movie day, with a BBC documentary on the history of English. Children’s Lit, as usual, was more fun, with both THE WIZARD OF OZ and PETER PAN. More Tennyson for Victorian Lit: “Ulysses” and “In Memoriam A.H.H.”


In addition to my ARC of OUTRUN THE MOON, I finished WINTER’S BONE by Daniel Woodrell this weekend. I really liked the film adaptation with Jennifer Lawrence, and the book is every bit as raw, powerful, and strangely touching. Ree Dolly is a tour de force–actually, this has been a pretty great weekend for fabulous heroines in general. I did a quick refresh on A LITTLE PRINCESS, one of my favorite childhood books, for Children’s Lit next week, and though its ideals of female heroism is dated in so many ways, I still love it. I still love Sara Crewe. And Mercy Wong (from Outrun the Moon) is delightful–but more on that later! And today, I gave into temptation and bought a gorgeous Everyman’s Library Pocket Books collection of Edna St. Vincent Millay poems. The roommate previously got me their Emily Dickinson and now I kinda want to slowly accumulate a collection.

I got ahead on my work this weekend, so I watched KUMIKO, THE TREASURE HUNTER and really liked it–so much so that I’m inspired to do a post on it. (I might do one on Winter’s Bone, both the book and the film, as well.) I also went to see BROOKLYN with a friend today. I didn’t like it as much as An Education (also written by Nick Hornby), but it was very charming and beautifully made, and Emory Cohen (whom I previously liked in The Place Beyond the Pines) was super endearing. A bit Marlon Brando-esque, too!


I finally got out of my music rut. I finally listened to Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”, which was a masterpiece, as well as Destroyer, Waxahatchee, and…The Ramones! My brother got into punk, and I’ve been enjoying some of that. Also, “Oh Oh Cheri” by Francoise Hardy. And breaking news: Lana Del Rey’s next music video, for “Freak” (my fave song on Honeymoon) will be featuring Father John Misty!


Progress on three chapters on that wonderfully productive Friday and at Panera yesterday.  And I know what I said about “recalibrating”, but I’ve reread some of my revision and…I like it. I like it a lot more than I thought I did.

Yeah. Life is good.



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