Red Carpet Fashion: 2016 Oscars

So yesterday was the big one, and what a one it was. Chris Rock hosts amidst #OscarsSoWhite! Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins an Academy Award! Alejandro Inarritu wins twice in a row, but Spotlight upsets The Revenant for Best Picture! Mad Max sweeps with 6 Oscars! Lady Gaga’s performance brought much-needed attention to campus sexual assault… Continue reading Red Carpet Fashion: 2016 Oscars

Life Update

Spring, Women’s Empowerment, and Harry Potter: Life Update 2/22 – 2/28

It’s week 8 of winter quarter, and school is picking up. I got my second poetry packet back with some encouraging feedback (with the exception of my too-lovey love poems, which, ironically, weren’t about romantic love–interestingly enough, I notice I’ve done much better with poems that aren’t personal to me). My professor’s favorite poem in… Continue reading Spring, Women’s Empowerment, and Harry Potter: Life Update 2/22 – 2/28

Treasure Box

Treasure Box: February 2016

Welcome to my second Treasure Box, a monthly feature in which I spotlight assorted curiosities and goodies from around the Internet! Fun stuff for the month of February. There’s a lot of emphasis on all the pretty things this time around–pretty pictures, pretty pastries, pretty people. Enjoy! ♥ The Roses of Heliogabalus by Sir Lawrence Alma-Talmeda.… Continue reading Treasure Box: February 2016


Writing Wednesdays: Introducing My WIP

I’m starting a new weekly series of posts to increase the focus of this blog on writing. Every Wednesday, I’ll talk about thoughts about the craft, share tips, my own WIPs, etc. For my first entry, here are some basics as to my current project! I’m still keeping things hush-hush, out of magical thinking as much as… Continue reading Writing Wednesdays: Introducing My WIP


The Lunar Chronicles Book Tag!

I’ve discussed my love of Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles at length. Last night I saw this book tag at Caught Between the Pages, courtesy of The Book Addict’s Guide, and thought, how fun! Here are my picks! CINDER | The cyborg a book that’s often misunderstood or underappreciated I just finished this one last night, and… Continue reading The Lunar Chronicles Book Tag!


My Tarot Reading Experience…Over Omegle

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of fortune telling. I was always into magic and fairy tales, so divination sprung from my natural interest in folklore and the supernatural. When I was in elementary school, I asked my dad to buy me tarot cards , and he had to look around before I got a… Continue reading My Tarot Reading Experience…Over Omegle