Life Update

Life Update: 1/11 – 1/17/16

Second life update! I’m glad to report that into my second week of classes, I was able to overcome the imagined anxiety of “being behind”. I was able to maintain my position of being ahead on my reading assignments, which was cool.

Last week was pretty productive. I officially got internship credit and signed the lease on our new apartment. I snagged an interview with YA author and We Need Diverse Books founder Stacey Lee, which was all kinds of wonderful. I had one-on-one meetings with my Her Campus and CARE supervisors, caught up with my old Her Campus editor, and attended my first reading, by novelists Annie Liontas and Naomi Williams. I also did more cooking for my ongoing pescatarian diet, cooking potatoes, salmon, and broccoli parmesan bake. Today I went out with my housemates for sushi, after which we stopped by Target and scored Father John Misty’s I Love You Honeybear! Besides being a fantastic album, it has the niftiest packaging I’ve ever seen–it’s a popup sleeve, and comes with a whole booklet with “Exercises for Listening”. That’s simultaneously ridiculously pretentious and amazing, which is perfect for FJM.


Oh, and I lost the $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot.


ROBINSON CRUSOE for my 1700-1900 Intro to Lit class, wrapped up fairy tales and ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND for Children’s Lit, Thomas Carlyle for Victorian Lit, and began workshopping/presentations in Poetry!


As per Emma Watson’s feminist book club, which still sounds like something 11-year-old me would have come up with in a fanfic, I’m working on my first recreational read of the year, Gloria Steinem’s MY LIFE ON THE ROAD. I’m digging it. Oscar nominations are up! Mixed bag- MAD MAX: FURY ROAD has 10 nominations including Best Picture, but #OscarsSoWhite is relevant for the second year in a row (how did CREED get only one nom?) No major musical discoveries, but I did find some great individual songs. My faves are “Now You Know My Name” by The Derevolutions and “Gibraltar” by Beirut.

(Yep, that’s me, you lot! In addition to drawing and cooking, I’m hoping to get better at makeup.)

WRITING PROGRESS: Revised a chapter and midway through another. Not bad. I had a sudden realization about another angle for the entire plot of the novel, which is both exciting and frustrating. Still grappling on how to deal with that.

That’s all for now. On the home front, there were some developments, but nothing I’m completely comfortable sharing with nonexistent strangers on the Internet…yet.


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