Life Update

Life Update: 1/4 – 1/10/16

I’m done with my first week of Winter Quarter, and what a week it was:

♥ first week of my first all-English schedule [Intro to Lit (1700-1900), Children’s Literature, Victorian Literature, and Poetry Workshop]

♥ finished first assignment of my Editorial Internship (!!)

♥ wrote and shared my first poem for my Poetry Workshop

♥ spoke with my Undergraduate Advisor about the Creative Writing Honors Program, as well as internship credit

♥ selected as Her Campus at UCD’s Member of the Week!

♥ applied for a (paid!) position as a book blogger for Quirk Books (best known as the publisher for PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES!)

♥ toured neighboring apartments for a possible transfer

Whew! Besides all those (possible) writing/life stepping stones, I’m participating in 4 different challenges for the New Year. I’m joining my housemates in a month-long pescatarian diet, as well as a 30-Day Drawing Challenge, (both of which may see future posts). And on top of that, I’m joining Emma Watson’s feminist book club, Our Shared Shelf, which is like 11-year-old me’s dream come true.

It was a little more hectic than I expected; to my dismay, I felt a little bit of my old anxiety. It rained most of the week, which meant I had to take the bus everywhere, taking up a lot time than necessary just to get around. The good news is that my professors all seem promising and what’s more, I recognized several familiar faces in all my classes. I worked pretty hard to get ahead this weekend and all in all, seems like things will be a very productive, if busy, quarter!

Since returning to campus, I’ve already lost 5 pounds, and I didn’t even make my first proper pescatarian meal (stuffed peppers + vegetarian fried rice) until yesterday. Today my roommate and I studied at Panera Bread, which was actually really great. Also, I bought my first proper lottery ticket. I don’t believe in gambling, but with a $1.3 billion jackpot, why not?


For the first Children’s Lit lecture, the professor (whom I adored from my first Intro to Lit class) in a stroke of brilliance read a picture book to us, BATS AT THE LIBRARY. It was adorable (I have a soft spot for bats), and  that’s my first book of 2016! My first movie was JOY, which my brother and I watched on impulse in theaters New Year’s Day. To my disappointment, it was uneven and underwhelming, not up to Jennifer Lawrence or David O. Russell’s usual standards. And my first album was the lovely NOW by KIM JUNG MI, a Korean folk-psych singer from the 1970s.

I also read FOLK AND FAIRY TALES (Concise Edition), also for Children’s Literature, which was pretty fascinating. I haven’t actually watched a movie since the end of winter break, but during that time I managed to squeeze in INCENDIES (directed by Dennis Villanueva) and finally got around to watching BIRDMAN, and they were both very good. On the music front, Zella Day recorded a song, “Bloodline“, for the Scott Eastwood indie western “Diablo”, that I’m digging. The Last Shadow Puppets also released their first single, but I was really disappointed by how little I liked it. Had a strong Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify, lots of ’60s and ’70s! Standouts: Karen Dalton, Sharon Van Etten, “Some Velvet Morning” by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, Joni Mitchell, The Clientele.

WRITING PROGRESS: today I finally finished the chapter I’d been working on. That’s it. The downside of such a busy week is that revisions have fallen by the wayside. Something to work on this week.



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