Welcome to the Blog!

So what do I reasonably expect from this blog?

Realistically I don’t expect this blog to get a big readership, if any at all. I’d love to develop it so it does, but as of now this is still pretty experimental.

My ultimate goal would be to make it as a published author and have this site transition into my main online writing presence. Thus, I’ll primarily be talking about writing and tracking my writing progress, as well as linking resources and if possible, sharing details about my internships. I’ll also use this site to link to my published writing at Her Campus at UCD.

To keep myself on track with my writing after the new quarter, I’m planning a content schedule:

♥ at least one original post (i.e., not just links or promos) every two weeks

♥ Life Update every Sunday tracking writing, school, work, reading, etc.

♥ monthly Treasure Box full of books/movies/music recs, cool topics or people, and other goodies!

It goes without saying that this plan is subject to change. If the blog actually develops in any meaningful capacity, it will continue to grow and evolve. But I’ve found that writing out plans, even with the freedom to deviate from them, is a huge help in motivating me to stick to them.

So there! LOVE, CAUTION, everybody! If anybody is actually reading this, feel free to make suggestions as to what posts you want to see! I have a few drafts for the end of 2015 that will hopefully be up soon, and check back after Winter Quarter (Jan. 4) for more regular content!

Love, Caution,


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