THE EPIC CRUSH OF GENIE LO is a book I’ve been anticipating for a while, and it did not disappoint: the foundation in Chinese mythology and hyper-competitive Asian-American high school happens to appeal to me personally because both reflect my own background, but it’s also very funny and smart and has really great characters. I… Continue reading THE EPIC CRUSH OF GENIE LO Book Playlist

Treasure Box

Treasure Box: July 2017

Welcome to July’s Treasure Box, in which I share some of the things that I found interesting or whatever last month. Quill box by Odawa/Ojibwa craftswoman  Yvonne Walker Keshick ♦ Since July was SDCC month, here’s…A Justice League of Their Own! ♦ And here’s a second Justice League item from Denver Comic-Con: THE ANIMATED SERIES CAST REUNION… Continue reading Treasure Box: July 2017


ARC Review: Heroine Complex (with GIFs!)

Confession: I didn’t actually like Sarah Kuhn’s Asian superheroine book, HEROINE COMPLEX, that much. I really wanted to because ASIAN SUPERHEROINES! But the repetitiveness of the narration and overly on-the-nose dialogue unfortunately really slowed the story down for me. But I LOVED the summary for the sequel, HEROINE WORSHIP! I was pretty obsessed with My Fair Wedding with… Continue reading ARC Review: Heroine Complex (with GIFs!)